Chris Cinder

Artist Statement

My name is Chris A. Cinder and I make happy art for a mad world.

My work is most like pop surrealism…a goofy blend of cartoon, realist textures, and comic book style compositions. I tend most towards a “wasteland sci-fi survival” theme featuring fantastical critters, robots and other daring adventurers.

Honestly, I’m proud, rather pleased, with all my pieces.  I make and craft what I would like to see on my own walls, shelves and desktops.

I try to tell a story with each piece I craft. I think the customers can sense that and this makes my efforts even more worth it.

I believe there still is a bit of magic left in the world found in the stories that wander out there. Patience is how you can discover them. Take the time and you’ll find the stories all around us.  My hope is that my work will invite you to imagine and explore the boundless possibilities in story…and come play for a while.

Be seeing you.

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