Jared Konopitski

Artist Statement

I use my art to inspire. I use my art to give back to my world. I use my art to bring colors together for the pleasure of the viewer. I want to be a part of culture and create it as well. I have found that images like monsters, aliens, demons, animals, silhouettes and all that exist in between, can accomplish my goal and even bring a few smiles along the way. I create because I have to, because I want to and because there is a universe deep within my brain just dying to meet you.


Jared Konopitski is an artist living and working in Sacramento, California. Jared works in many mediums, however, primarily with acrylic paintings. His work has been exhibited at galleries, festivals, and museums across the US and Internationally including:

The Smithsonian, Washington D.C.
The Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA
The Mutter Museum, Philadelphia, PA.

Jared has had his work featured in:

Juxtapoz.com (2018)
PBS Art Showcase television show (2015 – 2017)
The New Yorker (2014)

Color Ink Book (2013)
Papercut Magazine (2013)
Arcana’s Steampunk Originals (2013)
Heavy Metal Magazine (2012)
Catapult Magazine (2012), DisColouring Book (2012)
Penumbra eZine (2012)
And Wow!cool! Psycho Nurse Calendar (2011)

KVIE Art Auction Curator Award – 2019

Jared has worked with many clients such as Universal Studios, Showtime, Art O Mat, Turning Art, Wide Open Walls and more. In addition, Jared has curated numerous gallery shows and corporate art seminars. In his spare time he enjoys facilitating art workshops, with focus on early art education. He has facilitated these at youth centers, galleries and the Crocker Art Museum.

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